Winter is The Best Time to Improve Your Garden

Winter is the best time to improve your garden

Winter is the best time to improve your garden by putting in a garden path.
It’s easy with our Bluestone steppers.
They are 30mm thick & so can be placed directly into soil.
Best of all Bluestone pavers are very economical to purchase and will last forever!

Bluestone Garden Edging DIY

Bluestone Garden Edging – DIY Guide

Apprehensive of using stone to make DIY garden edging? This garden edging in our display area was made by a 19 year old with no landscaping or gardening experience at all. [Read more…]

Basalt Pavers Round in Garden show

Basalt Pavers Round Shape

Basalt Pavers/Bluestone round shape features in one of the achievable garden project in this year’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Bulleen Art & Garden is one of our wholesalers and supply this project.

Basalt also call Bluestone in Victoria, Australia, Edwards Slate & Stone was the first Australian company to import Bluestone for the domestic market, our experience counts.

Achievable gardens

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Which Is The Best Bluestone?

Which Is The Best Bluestone?

An Overview

Which Is The Best Bluestone? This is a commonly asked question and the answer is not straightforward. Without going into the technical aspects of Bluestone, which this article does not attempt to do, I will try to give a summary of the situation in Victoria as it stands now. For those who like the science behind this summary, a good article to read is contained within Discovering Stone issue 22 2012.

Since the foundation of Melbourne City Bluestone, which has the geological name of Basalt, has featured strongly in our churches, walls, foundation stones and all aspects of building. Our local Bluestone responds well to traditional methods of fixing using mortar (a mix of sand and cement). As a result Bluestone had an excellent reputation as a building product. [Read more…]

Bluestone Pavers Garden Setting

Bluestone Pavers Garden Seting

This is an inspiring Bluestone garden setting project in Canterbury Melbourne. The rectangular elements contained within this setting combine and complement each other.
Edward Slate and Stone provide Quality Bluestone pavers for all landscaping purposes, visit our showroom to see our full product range.

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