Basalt Round Paving Stone Outdoor Display

Basalt Round Paving Stone – Outdoor Display Garden Path

Since Edwards Slate & Stone release Bluestone pavers/Basalt round stone in Victoria’s market, it becomes one of the most popular paving stones in Melbourne, this outdoor display path here in our front garden demonstrates how you can put small pieces together and create a natural pattern.

We are a Bluestone outdoor pavers importer in Melbourne.

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Class 1 Bluestone Pavers Range

Class 1 Bluestone Pavers Range

Class 1 Bluestone pavers range include honed pavers and pool coping tiles, there are three choices in pool coping tiles, which are drop face, honed & arris edge and traditional bullnose tiles.

See full range of Class 1 Bluestone pavers & exterior stone tiles at Edwards Slate & Stone, Melbourne based natural stone supplier, showroom and outdoor displays available for your inspection!

See the following few examples of Bluestone landscape applications in one project:

Planter box with Bluestone capping tiles, Bluestone for step treads, Bluestone capping tiles on garden low walls, Bluestone are also suitable for heavy duty driveway construction.


Class 1 Bluestone Pavers

Class 1 Bluestone Pavers – Exterior Tiling

Suitable for Melbourne, Australian Conditions

Here Steven Edwards is inspecting Bluestone boulders in China. The orange colour on the boulder is superficial and the inside of the boulder is a blue/grey colour.

There are over 20 variations of Chinese Bluestone, here at Edwards Slate & Stone (located in Melbourne) we sell some of the variations.

We have selected our Bluestone pavers suitable for Melbourne, Australian conditions, and can confidently recommend our products for most landscaping applications in and outdoor paving around the home.

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne Supplier

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne Supplier

Edwards Slate & Stone is the very first natural stone pavers supplier in Melbourne, Australia to implement a quality control standard that allows us to track anything less than the best Bluestone possible.

This allows us to guarantee the best quality stone pavers for exterior weather condition.

Bluestone Outdoor Pavers from Edwards Slate & Stone

Edwards Slate & Stone has implemented a quality control procedure from procurement of blocks to cutting and packing in the factory to delivery in the yard at 12 Lionel rd. Mount Waverley.

This ensures all the Bluestone outdoor pavers sold through Edwards Slate & Stone is of a high standard.