Basalt Round Paving Stone Outdoor Display

Basalt Round Paving Stone – Outdoor Display Garden Path

Since Edwards Slate & Stone release Bluestone pavers/Basalt¬†round stone in Victoria’s market, it becomes one of the most popular paving stones in Melbourne, this outdoor display path here in our front garden demonstrates how you can put small pieces together and create a natural pattern.

We are a Bluestone outdoor pavers importer in Melbourne.

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Bluestone Stepping Stones Garden Paths

An easy way to create a beautiful garden path is to use Bluestone stepping stones. These round Basalt pavers are cut directly out of a Bluestone/Basalt boulder and retain Boulders original profile.

Experience has shown us that a 30mm thick paver will perform better than a 20mm thick paver, as the extra weight prevents it moving once laid.