Bluestone Outdoor Pavers from Edwards Slate & Stone

Edwards Slate & Stone has implemented a quality control procedure from procurement of blocks to cutting and packing in the factory to delivery in the yard at 12 Lionel rd. Mount Waverley.

This ensures all the Bluestone outdoor pavers sold through Edwards Slate & Stone is of a high standard.

Three Generations of Stone Experience

Edwards Slate & Stone was established in 1922 and is still a business owned and operated by the family.

Our suppliers are also long lived! This photo shows Steven Edwards with Mr.Tan and his daughter Claire.

Mr.Tan has been supplying Edwards with stone products since the late 1970s.

Basalt Tiles Pathway With Exposed Aggregate

Basalt Tiles Pathway – Landscaping Design Elements

This Basalt pathway constructed with 500x500x20mm honed tiles, joined by the exposed aggregate heavy duty driveway.

This landscaping design utilise two different finish in terms of paving solution, however the colour and effect resonate well with surrounding native plants and contemporary building elements.

Bluestone Exterior Paving Stones

Bluestone is a traditional exterior paving stone in Victoria, and is also used extensively in modern architecture, with its subtle blue grey background that contrasts most types of architectural or landscaping designs.

This project demonstrates how Bluestone can be used effectively to compliment the garden design with this beautiful home in Melbourne.

Bluestone Path Characteristic Feature

This interesting garden Bluestone path design was created using honed finish tiles in combination with exposed pebbles, the look is timeless!

Bluestone is hard, and difficult to carve, but immensely strong for building and foundations. It was used by Indigenous people to make stone eel races at Lake Condah, and by English settlers to make dry stone walls that were reminiscent of home but that are now distinctive of the south-west of Victoria. Bluestone is used for churches, schools and civic buildings such as the National Gallery of Victoria. Pentridge prison in Coburg was built near the bluestone quarries along the Merri Creek so the prisoners could dig out the materials to build the walls for their own gothic style prison. It is also a contested feature of urban architecture: many local councils want to concrete over the kilometres of bluestone laneways that are expensive to maintain, but are a characteristic feature of Melbourne and its inner suburbs.