Which Is The Best Bluestone?

Which Is The Best Bluestone?

An Overview

Which Is The Best Bluestone? This is a commonly asked question and the answer is not straightforward. Without going into the technical aspects of Bluestone, which this article does not attempt to do, I will try to give a summary of the situation in Victoria as it stands now. For those who like the science behind this summary, a good article to read is contained within Discovering Stone issue 22 2012.

Since the foundation of Melbourne City Bluestone, which has the geological name of Basalt, has featured strongly in our churches, walls, foundation stones and all aspects of building. Our local Bluestone responds well to traditional methods of fixing using mortar (a mix of sand and cement). As a result Bluestone had an excellent reputation as a building product. [Read more…]

Selected Bluestone Tiles

There are many different types of Bluestone tiles, the colour, quality and essential aesthetic beauty varies according to where the Bluestone has been quarried.

Our selected Bluestone tiles are exclusive to Edwards Slate & Stone and only available from our Mount Waverley showroom/warehouse.

Our Bluestone has been carefully selected:-

1. Suitable for Australian conditions and fixing methods.

2. Aesthetic beauty and colour. Just the right amount of “cats paw” (little surface holes) are present to add interest. This Bluestone closely resembles Australian Bluestone, which is known for its aesthetic value as well as inherent quality.

In addition Edwards Slate & Stone is the only company to operate a quality control system from sourcing the raw material, cutting and processing to packing. This allows us to maintain a high standard of quality to the Australian public.

All our Bluestone is in stock and we invite inspection prior to purchase.