Bluestone Garden Edging Stones DIY

Bluestone Garden Edging Stones – DIY Guide

Apprehensive of using stone to make DIY garden edging stones? This garden edging in our display area was made by a 19 year old with no landscaping or gardening experience at all.

    • First a 20cm deep trench was dug & then crusher dust was shovelled in to a depth of around 15cm.
    • Placed the ‪Bluestone‬ into the crusher dust. A string line was used to make sure each Bluestone pitcher was level.
    • After all the Bluestone/Basalt pitchers were laid a slurry or mortar was placed against the back of the pitchers to stop them moving. (in case a car backed into them in our car park).
    • We chose not to grout in between the Bluestone/Basalt Outdoor pitchers to give a more natural look.

Anyone can make ‪stone‬ garden edges out of Bluestone. Our stone pitchers are all new and have been cut to size.