Bluestone Pavers $35 Per Metre Square

Bluestone Pavers – $35 per metre square

Melbourne Natural Stone Supplier Winter Special

Size: 800mmx400mm

Other sizes available: 400mmx400mm, 500mmx500mm, 600mmx300mm, 800mmx400mm, 1000mx500mm

Tile Thickness: 20mm and 30mm

Tile Finish: Surface Honed

Pool Coping tiles available with drop face and bullnose edge.

Please contact Edwards Slate & Stone on 03 9544 9544.

Improve Your Garden with Bluestone Steppers

Improve your garden – Bluestone Steppers

Winter is the best time to improve your garden by putting in a garden path.
It’s easy with our Bluestone steppers.
They are 30mm thick & so can be placed directly into soil.
Best of all Bluestone/Basalt outdoor pavers are very economical to purchase and will last forever!

Basalt Outdoor Pavers Round in Garden show

Basalt Outdoor Pavers Round Shape

Basalt outdoor Pavers/Bluestone round shape features in one of the achievable garden project in this year’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Bulleen Art & Garden is one of our wholesalers and supply this project.

Basalt also call Bluestone in Victoria, Australia, Edwards Slate & Stone was the first Australian company to import Bluestone outdoor pavers for the domestic market, our experience counts.

Achievable gardens

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Bluestone Pavers Melbourne Supplier

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne Supplier

Edwards Slate & Stone is the very first natural stone pavers supplier in Melbourne, Australia to implement a quality control standard that allows us to track anything less than the best Bluestone possible.

This allows us to guarantee the best quality stone pavers for exterior weather condition.

Bluestone Pavers Outdoor

Bluestone Pavers – Outdoor Swimming Pool

This landscaping design focuses on strong geometric lines.

Modern swimming pool usually utilise several landscaping components to accomplish one garden project.

As shown in the picture the Bluestone pool coping tiles and the Basalt steps stretch out into the bottom of the pool, capping tiles to surround the green plants area, a tall clay pot as the stand out point in the centre.

Bluestone pavers outdoor are the perfect choice as a paver due to its consistency and blue grey colour, all in favour of the core design of this swimming pool surrounds.